p.313 Christine Shank and Paulina Cetnarska

One- Hour Photo Project

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Original Photo

Step 3: Developed body of work

Step 4: Rationale

I have decided to continue with one- hour task, which we have done during our first Phonar classes. Inside my mystery, brown bag was an item – silver diamonds, rhinestones stickers. My one- hour image was based on weather, atmosphere and shiny, water drops, which I have compared to diamonds stickers. As I came along I felt the task became very personal to me. Working alone gave me a chance to express my feelings, just by using this one object. I have decided this little rhinestones are going to represent water drops, tears and presence of something, what suddenly disappear. I wanted to compare weather to some kind of life chapters. Sometimes when rain can compared to some bad moments in our life. Rain come and go the same like people do. The rain is causing a depression, feeling of being lost and sad. My main inspiration was macro photographs, which can be seen as beautiful but also as images with a deep story behind. Within this second attempt I wanted to think of any other places where water drops are. I was playing around with diamonds, nature and feelings.

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