P.325 Jem Southam & Aitanna Gomes

Task Two

Step One:


Step Two: Artist Portrait











Step Three: Image in their style












Step Four: Complete the assignment



‘Here’ and ‘Now’ from Aitanna Gomes on Vimeo.



Step Five: Critical Rationale

Approaching this task enticed me to think about ways in which landscape images are formed. As I am a lover of landscape photography this task gave me the ability to explore landscape imagery in a different way to how I have tackled it before. The work of Jem Southam looks at the changes both through nature and man’s intervention in the same location over a long period of time. Therefore, for my body of work ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ I decided to use photographs I have taken in the same location over the years. I wanted to create a photobook of the images as I felt it was suitable taking into consideration the context of the work as it shows a passing of time. The photographs are all taken at Watermead Country Park and are all consistent, each of the individual photographs have a slight blue tone to them throughout the series. This gives the photographs a much cooler and more emotive set of photographs, similar to the colour on the cover of the photobook. As Jem Southam’s work is about documenting and patiently observing the locations I decided to include images which were taken over different times of the year to represent the changing of the seasons, bringing the side of natural adaptations to the series of images. I shot my photographs using a DSLR camera, however looking back I feel as though it would have been good to experiment with a film camera to get a much rawer and natural set of photographs. Furthermore, I think I will produce a larger and more refined photobook which shows more images and documents the space over an even longer period of time to give the work more depth.

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