p.325 Jem Southam and Dan Richardson

Task 5:

Step 1:

Step 2/3:





Step 4: Response to Task

Analysing and Photographing my garden















Step 5: Critical Rationale

This work Involved looking around my garden and finding things I wouldn’t usually pay much attention to. If I am honest, this is some of my weakest work to date. Unfortunately I did not find the task engaging enough and I could not find a way to make work that is specific to my style, meaning i did not enjoy making these images and I do not think they are particularly very good. If I had to do the task again, I wouldn’t. It was nothing to do with my photographic style and in the end caused me to create shoddy work that I was not willing to put as much effort in like I had done for previous tasks. I am likely to scrap these images in the near future as I have no desire to showcase them anywhere else.

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