P.327 Will Steacy and Elizabeth Smith

Task 5

Step 1) Tweet steps!!


Step 2) Artist Portrait, Will Steacy focuses on landmarks, this including environmental pollution. So when exploring areas around Coventry I wanted to capture this.

Step 3) Photograph in the style of the artist, Steacy focuses on the identity of the places of which he photographs. This including names of buildings. This is what I wanted to focus on when capturing identity of Coventry. 

Step 4) Within the task it wanted me to explore photographing something which may not be perfect. However something that is in the moment. I wanted focus on what is important to Britain, keeping the theme of landmarks I chose to focus on a church. Additionally adding poppies to create the theme of the war memorial. Which is important to many of us.

Step 5) Critical Rational.

From taking on this task it has made me improve on photographing moments that will never happen again, additionally focusing on what is important to me. Overall photographing street photographing has been an important step into a career route that I wouldn’t have taken part in, however has made it more impacting to me.


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