p.336 Eva Sutton and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 3

Step 1:

Choose one of the assignment you completed as a part of the making workshop.

Step 2:

Use one of the images you made while completing the in-class assignment to follow the steps of Eva Sutton’s Synesthesia (attached), with the aim of translating your work into various different media.

Take the photograph and turn it into a video. Include other photographs, sounds, text and video.

Turn it into a poem:

The sound of a siren,

the blink of an eye.

Life is so prescious,

try not to die

Step 3: Critical Rationale

Following this task I tried to extend my ability of creating media that i’m uncomfortable with. This meant using the software After Effects that allowed me to create a near moving image that had ambulance flashing lights and sound of the sirens. I decided to stick with the original image when creating the after effect because it demonstrates the strength and difference within other media forms when comparing the original image and the video. The sound creates an atmosphere for the viewer whilst the flashing lights and parralexed images engage the viewer whilst concerning them as to why the sirens have been alarmed.

The workshop based on Lucas Foglia’s Synesthesia has allowed me to understand that the content of an image will strongly rely on the mood and lighting that will give the image it’s ability to draw emotion from an audience. For example, the image of the ambulance was a representation of an image that is meant to be sad but made to look beautiful. The ambulance is the content that is sad but the bright and saturated surroundings make the image look beautiful.


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