P. 346 Elisabeth Tonnard and Emily Curtin

Task 5

The Death of the Photographer

Step 1: Synopsis of Assignment









Step 2: Image in the style of Elisabeth Tonnards

For my work in the Style of Tonnards, I looked at how she changes the words of texts and puts them into poetry.  I adapted this style by taking her own poem and changing critical words into the opposite of what they are in her poem.

Tonnards original poem






My Copy of her poem.  I kept it the same word for word, to have it make sense I would have to change the structure but I am keeping it this way.


Step 3: Create a body of work 



































































Step 4: Critical Rationale

Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet.  A lot of her work is based around responding to texts already written or art already made and recreating them into poetry.

This task completely threw me, I had no idea what do to to make this interesting, I though I was only going to be rewriting an essay with no creative input or process and I was bored by the prospect. I started on Microsoft word, as Tonnard suggests to use a computer program, re writing the essay I managed to find online and replacing the words on there, and it looked no different.  I tried changing the colours of the words I changed and putting them in different fonts and levels of boldness and it made no difference to the fact it was just an essay rewritten.  I then got the idea to print it off, cross out the words and write them but hand.  This looked and felt more personal than just typing as I got to express my own style with my own hand writing.

Being dyslexic, this task was more difficult for me, I found it hard having to read the essay so many times over to get all the words changed and to keep going from looking at my screen with the page from the Photographers Playbook on, to looking again at the paper.  I am pleased with the outcome and think that by doing it by hand made the pages more visually appealing.



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