p.35 Able Brown and Paulina Cetnarska

Task 1: Rockaway Beach

Step 1: Synopsis of the assignment

Step 2: Artist Portrait

Able Brown is an artist who has a very specific style. The main inspiration for his art is his own hobby – surfing. Able also spends his time as a park ranger in New York City, where he helps to monitor and protect very rare species of birds.

Step 3: Author’s style

I have seen a lot of painting made by Able but couldn’t find many photographs online. His specific style can be described as contemporary, humorous and also surrealistic. Able’s art also includes pictographs and texts, which makes these bodies of work much more interesting. The use of basic colours is also something that represents his style. His art is inspired by numerous things such as; animals, ocean landscapes and surfing. I wanted to create completed image with my landscape and his painting fitted into this image.

Step 4: Completed Assignment


Step 5: Critical Rational

I was laughing when our module tutor – Gemma said there are 4-page tasks as well as these few sentences long. It was not that funny when I have found out that it is myself having this 4-page long one. I have read it once – didn’t understand anything, as words mentioned were from the another planet, I guess. A day after I have read it once again, this time I have used to read it slowly and highlight all important, key bits – hard to understand words became the names of birds species. The story gave me an idea straight away. The main idea for this assignment was based on wildlife, especially photographs of birds, woodlands and landscapes. Another clue was to use a 35mm film camera, as Able Brown said in the assessment task. This was a little bit challenging as couldn’t find the best moment to catch a good, focused photograph of a bird. Mainly because the use of film camera was not as familiar as digital camera and images were blurred. Knowing what Able’s style looks like I knew this need to be a surreal or comedian image. I have used some artificial fake birds, which are very similar to piping plovers mentioned in the task. Sometimes we spend a lot of time looking for something and did not realise this is so close like Able who was looking for piping plovers and could hear them but couldn’t see. This image has to show the interactions between human and birds. The message I wanted to say is that we are all the creatures of nature and we should treat it with respect.

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