P. 364 Tim Walker and Alessandro Carnevali

Task 3

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Original Image

I took this photograph while I was walking the Hadria’s Wall Trail. I realised later, when I was at home how much this image is a visual representation of what I love the most: people and walking.

I walked for 80 miles for the most of the time in complete solitude and that afternoon with Lucy and David and their dogs it has been probably my favourite part of the whole hike. I love walking too but to quote a well known movie “Happiness is real only when shared”.


Step 3: Change the video

Small documentary that I have made in Italy on April 25, Liberation Day, where 1000 people walked on the river for 18 Km to remember the ones who scarified themselves for freedom.

Step 4: Critical Rationale

I always find myself in a limbo between the photographic medium and the video, I like to think that sometime one is stronger than the other and this year I have experimented a lot with both of them and it’s really interesting how you can tell stories with different medium.

To create the documentary I got inspired by an Italian director Pierfrancesco Diliberto known as PIF well known for is documentarie series called “Il Testimone” (The Witness) showed on MTv Italy for 6 years. The documentaries where about everything, from Italian Mafia to more trivial manners but everything narrated with his style. Unfortunately there no subtitles, because the series is an incredibile insight of Italy.

I found that tell a story trough a video is in some way easier than in photograph, you can add music, and a speech to create that mood. Especially I find that video is more versatile, to tell a story in photographs there should be a strong story and then create strong images to aid the story, I don’t know why but with the video it’s easier to reach a nice storytelling. I’m going to experiment more with the video especially with youtube and my youtube channel.

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