P.364 Tim Walker and Anna Mooney

Task Three

It’s All About Love

Step One, Original synopsis:

Step Two, Original image:






Step Three, New media:

Step Four, Critical rationale:

My initial response to the ‘it’s all about love’ theme was to create an image of myself very late at night. I am alone in my room reclining on my incredibly comfortable bed watching TV on my laptop. I am softly bathed in reflected light from its screen and simultaneously surrounded by shadows and darkness.

I am an insomniac. I have been for several years. Whilst it used to be traumatic dealing with so many empty hours unable to sleep, I have become accustomed to it. Now I spend the midnight hours catching up on TV shows. I found Oliver Culman’s ‘Watching TV’ an interesting piece of research. Whilst Culman’s work focuses on his subjects’ total and un-flickering captivation by TV, I concentrated on portraying the environment and a time of day that I have grown to love.

I extended my response further by utilsing another medium. Using a Canon 5D Mark III camera, I filmed a short video from the same angle as the photograph was taken, but this time showing an empty bed with the laptop sitting on it playing a TV programme as well as its audio. My aim was to provide an experience of what it feels like to be in my environment. The sudden random illuminations of the walls amidst the contrasting shadows and night-time darkness interjected with glimpses of muted colours from the decor. But above all the sense of peace I experience in my sleepless solitude at 4am.


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