P.364 Tim Walker and Beatrice Debney

Task 3.

It’s All About Love

Step 1. Synopsis of first task and result

What I decided to photograph was sunlight because

I love how it comes through my curtains on the windows on a sunny day.

Step 2. Complete the task again, this time in a new medium


Step 3. Critical Rational

I translated the photo into a video as this medium allowed me to explore the concept of sunlight more thoroughly by letting me experiment with multiple viewpoints, angles and touches of the sun around the room. I noticed for example, once the sun had come out again, that the effect of the sunlight on my white crumpled sheets formed rising and falling shadows over the bed and the net curtains pasted shadows of flowers all over the room. The other wonderful thing about using video here to further explore what it is that I love is that I was able to incorporate sound. One of my all time loves is Jazz music. The music here as well as being a representation of a love of mine also re-states the purpose of my video, Blue Skies’ (by Ella Fitzgerald) lyrics and beat sets the emotion of the video to be happy and laid back and leaves less chance to miss-interpretation of mood than the original photo. The medium is also more versatile, it is allowed to move and breath and I can properly present my viewpoints; how I take in information by looking at details of an object for small amounts of time before moving to look at it by a new angle or focusing on something completely different only to jump back to what I was looking at before.

I do think that the versatility could become too easy though when it comes to pinning down exactly what it is that you love, it is like going from an analogue camera of 24 shots to a digital one where all of a sudden you can take thousands of images; with a digital film the number of frames you can take is intense and could lend itself laziness when it comes to conveying an exact message, yes it may be quicker to portray your message via a video, but if you can get it right in a single photograph then that image is going to be stronger than any film because it is smarter, neater and everything you need is in one single frame.

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