P.364 Tim Walker and Charlotte Bamford

Task 3

It’s All About Love

Original Task Synopsis

Step 1 – Choose one of the assignments you have already completed










Step 2 – Complete the task again, this time using audio or video

Step 3 – Critical Rationale

When originally completing this task I chose to focus on my cacti that sit in my room. I photographed them from the front and from their level in order to show the endearment I associate with them. In addition to this the framing of the image shows the cacti in the center to indicate that they are the attraction. I chose to capture them in direct sunlight and closed my blinds slightly to control how lit up the plants were and to create a softly lit atmosphere to match the delicacy of the plants, which is further enhanced by the close cropping of the image.

I decided to translate my image into video rather than audio as I thought that audio would prove significantly more difficult as the sounds that could be associated with these plants wouldn’t show the positive light in which I see them. Using the same lighting and angle I videoed the plants, gradually turning up the aperture on the camera in order to increase the amount of light that could be seen in the frame. As well as the frame becoming brighter the light illuminated the plants from behind. This created a ‘halo’ effect around them and as the aperture was increased the effect became greater and the plants soon became fully illuminated and also one of the only things that was visible. The bleaching of the background with light also signifies the importance of the cacti within the image and video.

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