P.364 Tim Walker and Danny Williams

Task 3: It’s All About Love

Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Original Task


Step 3: Complete the assignment again, using a different medium.

Step 4: Critical Rationale.

For this task, I decided to photograph the most loyal thing in my life. My dog, Harley. Harley is a three-year-old Welsh Border Collie crossed with a Sprocker Spaniel (Springer and Cocker Spaniel Mix). We have had Harley since he was a pup and chose him when he was only six weeks old. Ever since the day we took him home he has never left our sides. When moving to university I realised how much I missed him always being by my side. Every time I go home he is so excited. I don’t know what it is but he recognises the sound of my car pulling into the street and as soon as I get out of my car he is in the window waiting. Opening the door and entering is always fun as he bounds towards you and immediately pounces for some fuss. This is what I love. I have chosen to capture him on the back of the sofa, where he often sits and waits, peering through the blinds. A warm glow reflects in his eyes, representing how his welcome makes me feel.

For the rework, I thought rather than showing the dog waiting or his excitement I thought I’d show his intelligence as I do love him for that reason. Due to whatever reason the dog hates a normal camera he just runs and hides but never from a phone camera. I chose to use a phone camera to video Harley going into his bed so he wouldn’t run off. Not only this but also the fact most of the times I go home I don’t have my better quality camera on me, however, I always have my phone on me.

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