P. 364 Tim Walker and Emily Curtin

Task 3

Its All About Love

Step 1: Synopsis of Assignment






Step 2: Create an Image






















Step 4: Turn it into a Video

Step 5: Critical Rationale

There is no love greater for me, that the love of my pets, all of which I value equally, but I have a special bond with my horse Gurt.  I got Gurt when she was 5 and she is now 16, over the years she has been riddled with health problems and had to be retired at the age of 14.  Most people would have given up on her and would have either put her to sleep or drugged her and sold her on, but I knew how special she is.  We have been given the all clear by the vet to be able to start doing light work with her and so this is a photograph of my first time riding her in two years.  I don’t think I have smiled as much as I did when this photograph was taken in years and so this means the world to me, to be reshaping our bond of trust into her letting me work with her again.

The video shows work in progress, by doing in hand pole work, I am establishing trust on the ground and strengthening her without doing anything too intense.  She is nervous in the school and so this has been a long process to get her calm again and relaxing into the work.

The composition of this image shows her ears forward, showing her interest in working and a clear sign she is happy which is hugely important to me.  The colours are purposefully bright, to represent our bright future.  I did both the video and the photograph from my point of view, this made it difficult to use a DSLR as it would have been putting myself in danger riding and lunging with a DSLR on me, and so these are done using my iPhone, but I felt it important for me to do theses from my point of view actually engaging with her.

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