p.364 Tim Walker and Ivan Petkov

Task 3

Step 1 – 

My assignment for the Making Workshop.


Photograph what you love: sunny weather which makes me feel more productive.

I used digital format to respond to this task, because I simply enjoy digital photography and can correct evrything in post production later. The image shows two of my friends relaxing after a training we did earlier that day. The sun coming from the left and forming the shadows infront of my friends gives a more positive look into the picture. The blue sky also brings a light into the picture and makes it feel more comfortable for the persons eye.  The image shows my personal liking towards the weather and capturing a moment that I cherrish and love the most. The time I spend with my favorite people.

Step 2 : Complete the assignment again, using a different format.


Step 3: Critical Rationale.

While on my image response to the task, here in the video one I used the moments and the training we do with my friends, because In the image I couldn’t show that moment . I made a timelapse because, this is my way of enjoying the weather, playing with creative ways of capturing something that I like is the way I like to remember things. Normaly I do everyday videos and I always include a timelapse for the intros, this one I took at the same day the task was on. I am familiar with the making of timlepases and videos, I used Final Cut Pro to fasten the video and color correct it.


During the process of the making of the video response I had to look into better color correction cases to use so that I can portray to color the same way I see it and feel it. I experimentet with a lot of colors so that I can find the perfect orange and teal look I was searching for.  The music I have used is for my personal taste and brings a lot more joy to the frame. A moving not so fast jazzy beat gives a perfect tan to the sunny short story captured in that video.

In comparisson between the image response and the video one, I prefer the video because It has a more strong sense of what I really love and the way of filming and editing shows more clearly what it is that makes me feel productive.The picture at other hand gives more colorful idea, because the natural and little edited look shows the beauty of the sun and the weather rather than the moment.


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