p.364 Tim Walker and Katie Bywater

It’s All About Love

Step 1: Choose an assignment from the Making Workshop.

Photograph something you love; sunny afternoon walks in the countryside. I chose to photograph what I love on film – another love of mine. The process of using film allows me to take care and time into what I choose to photograph. The late afternoon sunshine adds a romantic light and atmosphere to the image, delicately illuminating the leaves and flowers of the hedges. The lens flare also adds a magical aspect to the image. This image conveys how I feel towards nature, spring sunshine and countryside walks.

Step 2: Complete the assignment again, using a different medium.


Step 3: Critical Rationale.

To continue with the same subject matter as my original image response to It’s All About Love, which focused on the countryside, I wanted to transfer this to a video response. I had never created a video before and wanted to see how creating moving image differentiates to still image. To create my video I returned to the same location, this allowed me to explore how photography versus videography can change the visual language.

From undertaking this process I noticed that filming nature rather than taking images enabled me become more intimate with what I was creating, thus making me love it even more. With filming I was more focused on movement, light and angles and thinking about what my footage would look like as a whole. Editing my clips together further strengthened my skills with sequencing; I believe the video communicates a journey due to the order and movement of clips, as well as the song choice. The music was another interesting choice to add to the production, something that is hard to add to photography. The song linked to my concept, as well as adding another layer to the narrative, something I never considered when creating the original image.

As well as experimenting with text and music, I still wanted the video to reflect my creative style, I enjoy editing my images post-production to add a different feel to my images, I kept this in mind when editing my video. I delved into editing tutorials for Adobe Premier Pro – which I feel more confident in using now. These new skills have opened up my creative choices, which may lead to further video projects. I believe my video response is much more personal than the original image, therefore I have realised that a single photograph may not always expose the full narrative.

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