p.364 Tim Walker and Laura Dakin

Step One: Choose an already completed assignment
Tim Walker: It’s All About Love

Original Response

Step Two: Complete the assignment again, but using video or audio

Step Three: Critical Rationale
For the original task I took a photograph of my best friend, Katie, using light to emphasise an intimate atmosphere, while also introducing Katie’s life. I ended up experimenting with audio for this task, as I never have before, and instantly thought about recording our conversations. My friendship with her is none like I’ve had before. It is a space where we can be our true selves, and it’s our conversations that sincerely show this. As I went along with this, I noticed that I never took the chance to record the conversations that I really wanted to: the most intimate. However, reflecting back on this, I was glad that I could keep these private between Katie and I. For this audio track I included four small clips from all the conversations I recorded with her while also including a recording of birds chirping. The recording of birds was used to fill in for the intimacy as I felt that the sound somehow described this. The four clips were chosen to keep a sense of mystery that photographs often hold. The juxtaposition between the peaceful birds and our enthusiastic conversation was made to portray the varying conversations. To record these conversations I used either a recording app, as these were the only resources available to me. Listening back, I found that there were many high-pitched sounds from the recordings that were unpleasant to hear. I was also negligent with my recordings by placing them on an unstable surface like a bed rather than a table, creating further unpleasant sounds. However, if I were to try this again, I’d benefit from a higher quality microphone. To put the audio together I used Audacity where I also taught myself how to keep the level of volume consistent to combat the poor quality.


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