P.364 Tim Walker and Lucy Turner

Task 3

It’s all about Love

Step 1: Original synopsis

Step 2: Original Image

When capturing this image, I wanted to focus on the details coaches look at when teaching gymnastics. As well as supporting and coaching the gymnasts on big skills, the little details of presentation are just as important on the competition floor. When photographing this image I used viewpoint to showcase this, first of all I leveled myself with the gymnast, standing on the beam she was stood on rather than standing below her on the ground as I normally would whilst coaching. I altered the depth of field to keep her fingers in sharp focus and the background slightly blurred. This was to keep attention on her hands which is one of the small presentation details taught to the gymnasts from a young age.

Step 3: Change the medium to either audio or video

Step 4: Critical Rationale

Tim Walker’s task made me think a lot more about the action of taking the photograph more than just the context of it. Coaching gymnastics will always be the thing I love the most, but this task helped me focus on the way I represent it for a wider audience. This was rather than just focusing on the content that I relate to, due to the advance knowledge I have of the sport.

I decided to use video as a new medium to capture the essence of this task rather than audio. This is because I have worked with audio before, whereas video is a new medium to me. Again, I have focused on point of view when filming, only looking at the little details such as hand and foot placement which is so important to the skills. I placed the camera in line with the apparatus, not capturing anything else other than this limited view. I have been particularly influenced by Marian Goodman’s The Gym School (2014) multimedia project, where she has focused on the details of younger gymnasts training rather than just capturing big skills. Due to this, the videos above aim to bring the actions to life more than an image ever could, showing the details as each intricate movement flows into the next.

Maria Babikova’s project Home Stretch reflects a gymnastics club she used to train at, this is documented through her eyes and based on her prior experience there. Contrasting with this, I’ve tried to withdraw myself as a coach slightly from these videos, through only focusing on the movement of the gymnast instead of the things I relate to within the gym. This was to help focus on the way the video is captured, a like to the way of working when taking the original photograph, not just relying on the content but the process of capturing it.

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