P.364 Tim Walker and Megan Bradley

Task 3

It’s All About Love

Tweet Synopsis

Step 1, original image

Step 2, Complete this task again, this time in a new medium


Step 3, Critical Rationale

I have extended on my response to Tim Walker’s assignment It’s All About Love into a video.  The original response to the task used a handmade ring of my grandfather’s as the subject, now I use the fountain at my family home in the same way. Upon analysing why I have such strong bonds to these objects I have realised I love them both for the feeling of familiarity and security they give me. The stone cherub has been a constant symbol of home to me since childhood, my daily habit watching birds return to it evening after evening reminds me of the draw to home I also feel now that I live away from home.

To create this video the camera was placed on a tripod and positioned at the edge of the pond, I set it to record and watched from my house as the birds returned to the garden. I chose to make the cherub the main focus of my video, as although the presence of birds to my home is charming it is the constant running of water over stone that I love. The background noise of children playing and accompanied by the playful nature of the birds in the fountain at dusk come together to create a light hearted and tranquil response to Walker’s task It’s All About Love.

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