p.364 Tim Walker and Paulina Cetnarska

It’s all about love

Step 1: Assignment synopsis.

Step 2: Completed assignment.

Step 3: Complete this assignment again using a different medium.

Step 4: Critical Rationale

These are my responses to this task. I do love flowers, nature and light. It was important to include (in the still image) my hand holding this bunch of flowers, as this is part of me, my identity.

The task became very joyful, as I could take photographs of things, themes I love. Having to create this body of work again, but using different medium became interesting but very hard at the same time. I have never experimented more with a different medium. Always felt that the still images mean more to me, even if we cannot see anything more than just one still frame. During this task, I wanted to make a video of flowers, nature and things that we cannot see, but we feel like the wind. Moreover, I have tried to play with the lighting, which is changing with the weather. The soft daylight gave this impression of freshness, happiness and warmth. However, the dark, dull light changed this moving image into something beautiful but sad, depressing. Always knew the light is a base of good still and moving image, but never gave much attention to this. This assignment gave me more knowledge how the lighting changes the mood and the feelings.


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