p.364 Tim Walker and Sam Grant

Step One: Take an image of something that I love

Step Two: Transfer that image into a different medium

Step Three: Write a critical rationale that explains my choices

For “something I love” I decided to use my dog as a subject, an appropriate choice given that she is one of the few things I have been able to express affection towards despite my autism. She had a rather traumatic upbringing before living with us which has led to her growing up with a lot of anxiety so I tried to create an image that was stark and imposing which also portrayed her stress which I did utilizing an extreme close up and some moody black and white.

I then had to transform the image into a new medium. I wanted to create something which captured the feel of the original image within a form of expression I have never with before. I realized that never before  had I made something utilizing sound so I decided that producing a brief soundscape develop new skills and make for an interesting mini project. I used a program called Photosounder (Pictured Below) to turn the image itself into a short ambient track and then manipulated it. Since the emotional theme was anxiety I tried to produce the track to be as eerie and unnerving as possible. I lost some sound quality because the demo version of the software did let me save it so I had to use a recorder on a separate app to record my laptop speakers but in a way this improves the lo-fi nature of the audio.

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