p.364 Tim Walker & Kristyn Leach

Task Three:

It’s All About Love

Step One: Synopsis of assignment, and the result.

Original Image:









Step Two: Complete the assignment again – this time using another medium.



Step Three: Critical Rationale

Tim Walker’s task is based around photographing only what you love and nothing else. For my initial image I chose to capture my miniature paint pots and paint brushes that I use for my artwork and mixed media. I chose to capture the items in a very inconspicuous way, almost forcing the audience to gain their own thoughts on them. In addition, the use of the water droplets on the window helps to reinforce how painting and art in general makes me feel, especially when the weather outside isn’t as nice.

When it came to translating the photograph into another medium, I felt that audio or film wouldn’t work as well. Filming the painting felt like an easy way out of the assignment and I wanted to challenge myself at least a little. For that reason I chose to create a short poem. Similar to the original photograph, the poem isn’t specific to the act of painting. The written piece references to painting through the use of symbolism and language, but still doesn’t come out and throw it into the audience’s faces. It places my emotions about painting and art, yet still allows for the audience to put their own loved ones or activities in the place of mine.

The poem is displayed in designed template and features the use of floral elements. The flowers bring a sentimental tone to the poem. In addition, the blue tones within the flowers reemphasize the blue hues within the original photograph, tying the two together in a new aspect.

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