P. 41 Owen Butler and Emily Curtin

Task 1:

Two Approaches

Step 1: Synopsis of Assignment:

There were two parts to this task, they’re very different and so I was a bit confused on wether to try and link them or not.

Step 2: Image in their Style









The front cover of Butlers book Advanced Black-and-White Photography: Hurbert Birnbaum and Owen Butler shows a tree in black and white, and so I though I would try and do something similar, keeping the image very contrasted to keep more similar to the one by Butler.

Step 4: Create a Body of Work

The Blind Photographer

The Nude Photographer

Step 5: Critical Rationale

The first image was easy to get, I asked my friend; Jess who modeled the below images for me, to tell me when to stop spinning, and then took a photo of what ever I pointed at with the pole.  The image is totally done by chance, the only part that was confirmed, was that the photograph was in my lounge.  I had the camera on manual focus and I had set the camera settings to something that showed some light but where I span, changed the light in the image so there wasn’t much control over that.

The second pair of images took me by surprise.  I was shocked at the task given and asked a few different people to read it to confirm I understood it correctly.  I considered asking for a different task; but decided it was important to challenge myself as a practitioner by taking myself out of my comfort zone.  Jess, is a close friend and I asked her to focus on any body part of mine when I took the photo while I was clothed.  When I took my clothes off, I then told her to look at the same body part.  i wanted to see how her reaction changed and her expression.  Jess is a bright and happy as a person and where I expected her expression to look embarrassed or awkward, she took me by surprise and looks interested.  the sun came out as I took the second photo, showing her to be more lit up than in the first image.


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