P. 45 David Campany and Beatrice Debney

Task 2.

What to Photograph?

Step 1. Synopsis

Step 2. Initial Response

Step 3. Analyse the potential for a larger body of work

 I am choosing to develop this image into a further body of work because I believe that the angle at which it has been taken gives way to a lot of potential with what could be achieved. I placed my camera (at this moment a camera-phone) on the ground pointing up, interpreting the instruction ‘an image from the ground’ to require my camera to be on the floor rather than this be the subject matter. The effect this has is a direct and flat image which holds an abstract presence through its geometric symmetry, something that I find visually striking. The concept too is interesting, encouraging myself and others to consider what is above us; the architects designed this as much as the main frame of the building for our appreciation, we should appreciate it. For the body of work I am going to explore coventry’s architecture from the perspective that might not be practical to practice on the day to day; from the ground.

Step 4. Develop your body of work: From the Ground

Step 5. Critical Rational

I found creating this body of work was exciting, my perspective of Coventry was changed completely during the process and now I find that I can’t stop looking up. I decided to branch out further than just ceilings to include any structure that held interesting forms when photographed from below and thus I ended up taking photos of lampposts, trees and hand-rails as well as roofs, I also upgraded from my phone’s camera to a DSLR to take higher quality images. Why I chose this task to continue with was because of the form of the geometric shapes, I found them everywhere within the architecture and was drawn to them when looking within my images when choosing where to photograph and which images made the final selection. The images that I view as stronger in this body of work are those which are symmetrical in form, there is something comforting in symmetry that emanates a feeling of structural security which makes looking at the image very satisfying. This project is certainly one that I could extend which is what made this task so enjoyable; it gave you permission to go out and take photos with just a small project in mind; as the body of work is only a maximum of eight images long the pressure of developing work that requires more content is taken off and I was able to concentrate on what I enjoy taking photos of and how I could input my style into a task set by someone else. It has definitely given me a platform that I could use to generate other ideas if I ever get stuck creatively, or I just need to be creative for a day.

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