P.45 David Campany and Megan Bradley

Step One,  Tweet Synopsis

Step Two, In Class Response

Step Three, Expand Into A Body Of Work

Step Four, Critical Analysis

I chose to extend my response to David Campany’s What To Photograph task as it gave me the opportunity to seek out a specific visual feature in the world around me. In my original in class response to the task I put a spin on the instruction ‘photograph your favourite colour’ by making an image of escalator steps. I chose to respond in this way as silver metal is such a versatile feature in our daily environment, and although it’s reflective properties makes the escalator stairs take on the tonal properties of what’s around it, they are always immediately recognisable as visually looking ‘metallic’.

I expanded on this task by seeking out metallic silver in the everyday environment. Here I have made a series to reflect the wide variety of ways metal properties are visible to me. To do this I made a series where the images seem disconnected from one another in terms of context, some recognisable by their daily setting and others reduced down to the texture of the metal, but all linked by their metal/chrome appearance.

I feel this was an effective in class exercise to expand my typical photographic subjects as it meant giving up creative control of my image to an anonymous member of my class. What To Photograph was also an experience in learning to walk through an environment with the intention of seeking one particular visual feature of the landscape to photograph.

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