p.52 Elinor Carucci and Laura Dakin

Task One
A Thousand Pictures

Step One: Synopsis


Step Two: Artist Portrait


Step Three: Photograph in the style of the artist


Step Four: Complete the task

Find the rest of the work at: http://www.lauradakinphotography.co.uk/phonar2017/


Step Five: Critical Analysis

Completing this assignment was quite difficult for me as I came to find I’d quickly run out of ideas of things to photograph. I really wanted to also commit to this assignment in order to experiment as a photographer. Although the assignment requested to use film, this was too expensive for me so I stuck with digital. In addition to this change, I also decided to photograph 24 photographs a day, instead of 36. This was due to the length of the task, making it difficult to consistently schedule around my other commitments. In order to stick with the assignment I kept to a deadline of 24 days, the length of time that Carucci had, herself. Throughout the assignment, I would sometimes dedicate a day to a specific subject that I wanted to experiment with, whereas other days I would document my life. I had hoped that throughout this assignment I would have recognised a certain theme or style within my work that would help me create a solid understanding of what I wanted to do in the future. Although I haven’t recognised a significant theme, I have started many photographic ideas that I would like to continue as full projects in the future. Additionally, I have found new things I have wanted to work with, like experimenting and using light further to impact my images by creating stronger moods rather than for the sake of exposure.

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