p.58 Jörg Colberg and Christina Doyle

Task One

Letters to Yourself 


Step 1 – Synopsis of assignment



Step 2 – Portrait


Step 3 – Style 


Step 4 – Completed Task 


Photo taken in 10 minutes                                                                                Responses’ to envelopes


Critical Rationale 

In response to Jörg Colbergs’ playbook task I was able to get a good understanding of his work, thus being applied to create my tasks responses allowing me to show my understanding of both the author of my task and the task itself. In particular step one the visual portrait, allowed me to create a true narrative of Colberg and his work in a single image. Throughout these steps I had to adapt certain aspects, him not necessarily being a classic photographer, Colbergs’ task gave me no specific style to focus on or body of work to reflect, so my main research was based around his website. These helped inspire my work for task 2 (portrait) and 3 (artists style).

When completing the actual task (step 4) the creation of the images I produced were based on a snapshot approach, which was only fitting as the task asked me to shoot in no longer than 10 minutes. What I was capturing, however, wasn’t specified so I had artistic license to adapt and interpret. The original task asked for the envelopes to be reviewed after 4 weeks. I then adapted this into 4 days. The task relates to capturing Colbergs’ work, as he rarely takes photographs to use them straight away he states that he “produces photographs on a regular basis and files them away, to work on them later” (2017) – Which is similar to what the task asks. To file away your image and writing to be used later.

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