P.60 Linda Connor and Megan Fulham

Task 1

Visual Source Binder

Step 1: Tweet Synopsis

Step 2: Investigate the author

Linda Connor is a lecturer in photography at the San Francisco Art institute. As well as this, Connor is a funding director of the San Francisco Bay Area Photo Alliance. I have photographed one of the Mamiya RB67s that we have available to us in the photography department. I have done this because Connor predominantly works with medium and large format film cameras. She is known for not being technically diverse within digital photographs as she likes to consider and value all the images she is capturing.

Step 3: Make an image in their ‘Style’

Looking into spiritual moments, Linda Connor photographs spirituality on a large format black and white film camera. Here is a church in the centre of Cambridge, light is used here in an extremely spiritual way due to the church mainly being underground

Step 4: Complete Assignment

Step 5: Critical Rational

Having a record of a varied and variety of photographers and practices is extremely useful. This project was designed so that a student is able to have a physical record that they can easily use to gain confidence within photographical research and development.

As Connor is a lecturer in photography, an educational task was expected. The task was created to ensure the student has a deeper knowledge of photography and a very reliable source to reference. This folder is something which has made me explore a number of different photographers and practices/ techniques which have been used. As well as this, the folder has made me question what the images I create mean and how they fin within the photographical dynamic there is in the industry.

Having to hand write the photographer and an evaluation of their work, made me remember more about their work. When writing and describing the work in my own words, my knowledge and understanding deepened. As well as this, it also made me consider the way in which I initially receive different photographical practices.

As the file is hand made by myself, this makes it easy to use and understand. Over time I will be able to file it in a way in which is easily understandable and access when needed. As I am still in the early stages of creating a vast file, the way in which it is layered is rather thin. Over time I will be adding five photographers a week. Therefore, when I start level three photography, the file will be sufficient enough with a variety of artists and photographers to use as deep research.

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