P.63 Frank Cost and Lauren May


Step One:

Step Two:

Frank Cost is the Professor of Visual Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His work is focused on exploring graphic expression through different forms of technology, including Drones. This collage portrait consists three images taken by Cost using a drone with a camera attached, and a silhouette image from his book “Crow Book”. The silhouette is used to shape the overlaid images, and is symbolic of the term ‘birds eye view’ looking at a blend of three different views of the sight below. This is a simple portrait of just some of Costs work, but summarizes some of the styles of work and different techniques used when creating his work.

Step Three:

Step Four:

To complete this task, I was requested to use a GoPro camera and a drone to capture images from above, and then repeat with a normal camera at eye level, this was to try and gain a new perspective of the space around me. I instead used a GoPro at ground level versus a phone camera at eye level, to create an altogether new and different kind of perspective. Using a drone was not applicable in my position, and going to a lower level meant that I could view the area from below looking up. I chose a select few pieces of graffiti artwork in FarGo Village, because they stood out, and the difference in angle and perspective would be more noticeable in comparison to a plain background or area.

Another reason to try different angles was to see how people reacted to the camera, and if the angle affected my viewpoint and how I reacted to the images. The main difference was that people looked at me oddly when I was crouched low to the ground, yet did not react to the camera when I was stood at eye level. My perspective from lower down made things look bigger to me, and challenged me to try different spaces, and using the GoPro meant that I couldn’t see the images until uploaded them onto my computer, and I had to try to be strategic with what I could see versus what the camera could.

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