p.67 Reuben Cox and Amy Houston

Task 1 – A Dozen to Gnaw On

Part 1 – Original Tweets


Part 2 – Artist Portrait

Reuben Cox like to fix and restore old guitars along side doing his photography.

Part 3 – Artist Style

This is inspired by Reuben Cox’s ‘The Scholar’s Stones of Lethe Gardens’ body of work.

Part 4 – Task Images

Part 5 – Critical Rationale

Reuben Cox’s task was the most enjoyable to complete out of all the ones I needed to do. The reason being that I have always know why I first got into photography and what inspires me to create. This task was difficult to interpret as it didn’t state clearly what the task was asking me to do, however that made the challenge that more interesting. It was interesting to look through Cox’s projects to find him and his style.

The task image itself shows that all I need to create photographs is my camera equipment and nature. Flowers where the thing that first got into photography so I will always be inspired by them to crate images. Doing this task made me think about the reasons for becoming a photographer and allowed me to understand myself better. I would recommend everyone do this task to help with self explanatory.

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