p.88 Doug Dubois and Emily Lynch

Task 1: Display a failed project. Use the influence of the photographers practice to shape image making. 

For the first task for the photographer’s playbook I was given the photographer Doug Dubois. The photographer requests in his task to display a failed project. I looked into his different bodies of work and wanted to see how I could adapt his work to mine. All the Days and Nights intrigued me, which is a photo documentation of his family and what has or is happening while curating this body of work. Dubois’ aim for the body of work was to capture the different moments during his life and how it has impacted his family, capturing the images which bright colours and soft focusing. Dubois describes his work by commenting on “The pallor of my mother’s skin, the glare of my father’s gaze and the tactile communion between my sister and nephew. These details constitute a complex and resonant picture of family ties…”

The way of which I have decided to adapt my work to his task is through aesthetics and the concept behind my failed project. My failed project, Lost Mind would have been an emotionally pulling project around the relationship between my father and I, since his diagnosis of schizophrenia. I included two simple images to represent my ‘failed’ project. One was a self portrait where I wanted to potray real emotion towards how I feel about how my life has changed, using the influence of Dubois’ aesthetics, I have created a soft focused, colourful image which soft blue tones complimenting the more warm tones of my skin and hair. The other image is an old archive of a letter from my Father when we were not in contact due to the emotional strain of his illness.


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