p98 James Estrin and Jimmy Maxfield

Task 1

1: Synopsis of assignment


2: Visual portrait


For my visual portrait I decided to use typography to best portray James Estrin. He is a photojournalist and professor so he is use to having many words run through his mind on a daily basis. it made sense to use words relating to his career and life such as ‘The New York Times’ a renowned news paper he writes for.


3: Image in their style

Estrin likes to take photographs within the moment and ensure it has something strong to say for itself. He focuses on rituals and events whether it’s as simple as listening to music or observing the moments of a new born baby. I decided to capture an insignificant moment in reality but when frozen as a still image it uncovers a relationship between two people with no story to why they’re there but simply lost in conversation over a cup of coffee.


4: Assignment outcome

Having full flexibility of how I wanted to take the photo was great. It meant I could appreciate the important things to me. I recently went back to my home village for a break from university and it made me appreciate what I have. I took this photograph of my dog during a walk which demonstrates the warming spring sunsets, blue skies and green grass that’s hard to appreciate when living in the city.


5: Critical rationale

I found that this task made me focus on the artist James Estrin and learn about his career as a photographer. It was key to understand who he is because the assignment he set within the ‘playbook’ was very broad in it’s description which made me want to learn more about his philosophy on photography and it’s meaning to him. I decided to concentrate this research onto his ‘Lens Blog’ that he co-founded. This is where he publishes many articles that gave me an insight into his opinion and articulation of artist’s work.

James Estrin also has an online portfolio that I looked at. His project ‘Observance’ was my favourite and guided me through the process of understanding what I should do through this assignment. ‘Observance’ gave me the understanding of capturing a ritual on camera and how important a decisive moment can be when creating a photo. capturing the right moment is what the photographer should look for if they’re trying to say something about the content and its meaning.



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