pg. 113 Lucas Fogila and Christine Vidot

Task 3)

Lucas Fogila – Make it seem….

Step 1 – Synposis of assignment

Step 2 – the task given

Make a photograoh that is happy, and make it seem sad

My original response focused on time,  and how coming back to something left can change who you are, and the place left.

Step 3) My re -do

In my response to Lucas Fogila Make it seem… task (make a photography of something happy and make it seem sad), I created a time-lapse video to showcase progression of time primarily. But i wanted to present fragility as well, and how we as photographers always try to look for the bigger picture but in that moment in time, we miss the finer details.

My video highlights that it is sad to think that even if you stop the world around you doesn’t and it keeps going with or without you. And that do you miss the small things, but they have such an affect on how you live that they equal to big things. Thus my video took on a much deeper meaning then i expected when i was creating it, and it become very metaphorically thinking back on it. That was the reason why I didn’t include any sound, as i just wanted the viewer to focus on the smaller things. And to be honest, I don’t think i would be able to find any sound that would fit with this type of video footage. Unless I wanted to make it corny or overlay philosophical.

I’ve always been interested in doing time-lapses, mostly looking at and doing star trails. So doing it as part of a module was something i was very keen in trying. I’m already used to using premier pro, so the only difficulty I did have was the weather. And typical London whether did’t disappoint. it was either loads of sun, no clouds or loads of clouds no sun. There was just one day that I ran out just after it had stopped raining beautifully for 4 hours, and thats when I took my chance and recorded for a whole hour, before it rained again. It was that footage that i ended up using.

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