pg.148 Leslie Hewitt and Laura Dakin

Task 4
Image Construction

Step One: Synopsis


Step Two: Artist Portrait

Step Three: Photograph in the style of the artist

Step Four: Complete the task

Step Five: Critical Analysis

For this task Leslie Hewitt has asked for us to create two lists about our desires and discomforts as an image constructor. The task is designed for us to think about our inner thoughts on photography, rather than doing it. As I was completing this assignment, I found it interesting how easy it was to list all of the things that I desire about being an image constructor. However, when it came to writing down the things that made me feel uncomfortable, they seemed to counteract with the things that I desire. I quickly came to realise that even though the work I want to produce professionally is always work that makes me feel uncomfortable, I don’t feel as though this is down to my physical ability, but within the confidence of myself. While I have been studying a creative subject, I have always found that I would often compare my work to others, while also fearing bad judgment of my work. Completing this assignment has forced me to think more clearly about my relationship with the camera and my relationship with my work. As an image constructor, I will have to see past these discomforts in order to continue my work.

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