Pg. 169 Nadav Kander and Georgia Wrycraft

Task 3

For Task 3 I chose to work on the task set by Nadav Kander, which involved learning the difference between a travel snapshot and a created landscape

Step 1: Complete the Assignment












Step 2: Critical Rationale

For this task set by Nadav Kander, we had to explore how we capture a landscape and the difference between a travel photo and a landscape, the difference being the creation of a landscape whereas the simple taking of a travel snapshot. For this series of images, I had to think carefully about the composition of the landscape. I feel that although there is an object in the foreground of the images, the focus is still strongly on the landscape itself and not of the foreground. I feel that the coloured boat works well at the foreground of my images as it adds extra depth and meaning within the photographs.

I adapted the task to by using the idea of not just having a landscape but having something that was close to my heart, boating, as an interpretation of showing how I created the landscape. Placing the boat where is was and using it as part of my images to not only create a landscape but to create a feeling as well.

Upon completion of this task I realised I have started to think more about the way I create an image and not just simply photographing whatever is in front of me, but finding ways to edit and change the landscape slightly including with the addition of an object which can really improve an image from what it previously was. Also with the simple use of different effects afterwards to create an image with better colours or higher contrast.

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