Pg. 180 Martin Kippenberger and Rebecca Henderson

Task 4 – Excerpt from an Interview in Starship Magazine

Summary of Assignment



Portrait of Artist



Kippenberger was a German artist that produced work in a wide of styles, over the course of his career he created posters to promote a wide variety of events. ‘Martin’s posters best represent him and sum up the range of his ability’ (Jutta Koether 2006). For this reason I created a poster using only aspects from his own art in order to represent him, the style used takes inspiration from some of his own posters in an attempt to capture an essence of who the artist was.


Image in the style of the Artist



In his series ‘Dear Painter, Paint for Me’ Kippenberger hired a painter to produce photorealistic paintings of the images he supplied him. In order to replicate this methodology I used Photoshop to transform the image into what looks like an oil painting. By replacing Kippenberger’s reliance on another artist with a reliance on new technology it attempts to comment upon present day societies need to replace the human with the digital. The original image was created to pay attribute to his unflattering, highly cynical self-portraits, by displaying the subject in a manner that is deemed uncomplimentary to her physical appearance.


Completing the assignment



Critical Rational


After reading through the interview excerpt by Martin Kippenberger and researching into his work I came to rest on the phrase “Bad art, you can tinker with it and turn it into high art with your life’s work”. Throughout Kippenberger’s career he made constant commentary on the art world, the idea of the ‘great artist’ and what is considered to be good art. To do this he often created intentional weakness in his execution of his work. Due to his existing reputation within the art world, the work is given praise despite its technical fault. Each new piece lives in the shadow of his previous work. To demonstrate this concept within my response I took an intentionally bad landscape photograph of a setting sun, the image is of poor quality and would have no standing within the photographic community if presented by myself. For this reason I accompanied the photograph with the name of an existing highly praised landscape photographer, David Muench. His ability to utilize lighting to create stunning landscapes juxtaposes the image his name now stands beside. However, because of his existing bodies of work, work that he has spent a lifetime creating, the photograph may now have a much higher standing within the art world. Therefore, this response to the task aims to portray how your life’s work can transform how people view the images you create. Each one standing amongst the compilation you have made over a lifetime.



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