Pg.193 David La Spina and Taylor Caterer

Task 4 – David La Spina 24/24/24

Step 2; Artist Portrait













Step 3: Completed Task

 I’ve completed my own version of La Spina’s task.. my version Being 3,2,1 (Three days, 2 Rolls of films, 1 Hour to expose them) the original was 24/24/24. The task was inspired by a Japanese photographer #TakumaNakahira who was determined to shoot and print 100’s on images in 24 hours for an exhibition, sadly this was dropped due to exhaustion. Being under pressure with developing and exposing my 2 rolls in an hour was tough not know Ming what my images looked like. My out come has explored the pure rush and pressure in which the photographer was under to complete the task! 2 rolls 72 images and unfortunately 2hrs 30 mins later the task was complete.





Step 4: Critical Rational

While hindering round the subject of trying to break down this task to make it more realistic on behave of my time frame, I decided to go with my version 3,2,1. I decided to do it this way as I felt 3 days I could have a difference between good and bad images in which I had created; Trying to keep in the style of how La Spina worked I decided to keep to analog black and white film which was used in the original task from the Photographers Playbook. I had thought of many ways in which to approach this task, and some were great but became complicated when it came to doing them.

I found curating my own work for this task very challenging as I had no idea what to photograph, so started off with buildings and working my way round to nature and their forms. Analog is something I’m confident in when it comes to colour film,  but with black and white, you have to consider shadows and light, shape and form. My outcomes are very varied in style like La Spina.

My original idea was to change the task and use colour film, but I decided to stick to the challenge and make it through the task using black and white. I’ve found this task has helped me to focus on details and the construction of a single image; My darkroom skills have been updated as well broadening my understanding of image exposer and light. FILM USED; ILFORD HP5 PLUS 400 B&W

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