Pg. 209 Mike Mandel and Lauren May

Step One:


Step Two:


Step Three:

Mike Mandel has been a photographer for many years, creating various different styles of work. The task set by him was for the reader to investigate the local area around them, and select up to five items that had documentary meaning to them. The questions that the reader has at the end of this were to be used to design their own project for others to follow. Mandel’s famous baseball card project was also about getting others involved, and this aspect plays a big part in a lot of his work. However the task has the opportunity to be so broad with its results, that there is a high chance that the results will be almost completely unrelated to his work at all. This is very likely to be on purpose, as Mandel has very broad bodies of work, and none are like the previous. My image in a style of the author was a response to his body of work, “Myself: Timed Exposures”, where he takes timed pictures of himself in different situations. The simplicity of the idea behind this work means that there is no end to what kind of images he, or anyone else, can make in response to this.


Step Four:

5 things to describe you:


  • My Blue teddy bear. Tatty and about 15 years old. I take him everywhere.
  • Lactose intolerant. But I still love ice cream and cheese.
  • My tattoos. I have 5.
  • My animals. I have too many to count. If it weren’t photography, it would be Herpetology.
  • My weird accent. It’s not anything. I used to get bullied for this.



Things about Coventry:

  • It could be as old as 700AD.
  • There was likely to have been a castle. Potentially near Pepper Lane and Bayley Lane.
  • Coventry was split in two until around 1345.
  • The cathedral has 3 different ages to it.
  • It has had many Car and vehicle manufacturers
  • Including Humber, Jaguar, Singer and Triumph.




  • What did Coventry look like before the Blitz?
  • Are there any remnants of medieval Coventry?
  • What other vehicle companies were there in Coventry?
  • Are the companies old buildings / factories still here?
  • If not: What do the places look like now?
  • Are the new buildings inspired by the old?



Create a body of work answering any or all of these questions. Go out and find the old in the new, bring to light parts of Coventry that go unnoticed. Document them however you want, prints, books, whatever you feel represents Coventry best.


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