Pg. 214 Stephen Mayes and Christine Vidot

Task 4

you’re a publisher new…

Step 1)

Step 2)

Stephen Mayes believes that cellphone photography marks the transforming moment in the photographic timeline.

Step 3)

In the style of Mayes, I captured a photojournalistic moment, that otherwise would have been lost in time.

Step 4)

 part 1:

I won’t even plug my tumblr, as right now it’s filled with a mess and I have now intention of cleaning it up anytime soon. But part one of my assignment was to gain a thousand in followers on a social media platform in a time period of 12 weeks. As I don’t have 12 weeks, and the motto of this module is to intepret and adapt, I did just that. I scaled it down to 12 days and I calculated that 12 weeks = 84 days, and to reach a 1,000 followers i need 12 followers a day (well it was 11.9047619, but I rounded up because I’m so a good person). So if my aim was to gain 12 followers a day for 12 days I would need 144 new followers by the end of this task.  I’m not sure if they’re spam bots or not, but I managed to gain 219, to which I am very impressed and I don’t know why.

Part 2:

The second part of my assignment was to collaborate/ work with my new found friends. I only got about 3 replies to this but!!! I did persuade one to at least a take a photo for me ( with my amazing charisma of course). My follower friens is called Rudi who lives in Indonesia and has a degree in IT. He is very sweet and I’m very grateful, as he is the only one to help me.

This assignment was so hard, and I’m not sure if it was rewarding or not. But in the sense of connecting with others from around the world it was actually really nice. I ende up talking to people from places I would never really talk to. I mean most of them were from Morocco (maybe they thought I was Moroccon, who knows ¯\_(ツ)_/¯), but I talked to people from Czech Republic to Madagascar. So I guess in that sense it was rewarding, in a photographic sense not so much.





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