Pg. 250 Michael Northrup and Georgia Hutchins

Task 5

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Step 1: Synopsis

Step 2: Artis Portrait

Michael Northrup prides himself and his family on his sense of humor. Saying how his family always managed to make jokes even in a tragedy. Here I have extended this portrait of Northrup beyond the frame, blowing bubbles over the image to portray the lightheartedness Northrup likes to represent with his photos. There is little information on Northrup himself, so creating a portrait was challenging. I based the portrait off of his artist statement where he talks about humor and irony within his work, stating how it was prominent in family discussion.

Step 3: Work in the style of

When looking through Northrup’s portfolio, I noticed when he photographs using flash photography. This creates high contrast snap shot images. His photos are also very carefree and fun, It made me smile looking at some of the images he created. Here I have taken images from his Fun album on his portfolio, and recreated them with my friend. For once I enjoyed being a part of an image. Taking the image together with the oranges in our mouths was a lot of fun, it makes me laugh when I look at the photo we created. We found it challenging to recreate the facial expressions from Northrups photo while still being happy to display the image of ourselves. In the end we were having so much fun with the image making that we did not care what we looked like, instead laughing at the memory we shared together creating the photo.   Northrup’s Images document the fun and humor in his life, in doing so he has allowed others to find humor in his photography.

Step 4: The Task, Skip reading

He Always Told The Best Stories…

The Superhero’s Made Her Sweet Again…

A Successful Day For Mum and Dad…

Strictly Come Dancing Final 2017…

XFactor Finalist 2017…

Critical rational 

Creating the sequences was a fun and creative experience, but it was difficult to see the images outside their original context. Choosing only 15 random images made creating sequences challenging due to the limitation of only having 15 images and 5 sequences to create. Due to the content of my archive being my old family photos, it seemed appropriate to base the narrative around childlike and family orientated scenarios.

To follow Michael Northrup’s lighthearted approach to photography, combining my family photos with more current images adds an innocent humor to the sequences. I feel my sequences portray childlike dreams, almost making them a reality with the addition of my current archive photos. I decided to start each sequence with two black and white images and ending on a colour photo. I have done this because the last shot of each sequence provides a resolution to the narrative of each scenario. In particular, He Always Tell’s The Best Stories, the black and white images portray the story getting more true to life as the sequence progresses. While A Successful Day for Mum and Dad ends on a colour photo to represent the happiness/smug feeling of the parents after they buried their daughter as a mermaid in the sand. The angle of this last photo also suggests it is from the daughters perspective in the sand. My task required me to explain each sequence made. I have chosen simply to title them with the scenario they portray so the audience can gain more clarity and humor to the sequencing.



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