pg.268 Andrew Phelps and Jack Matts

Task 2

Step 1 : Tweet a Synopsis of the assignment.

Step 2 : Research the author and make a portrait of them.

Step 3 : Critically analyse the work of the photographer and make an image in their style.

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This photograph was taken by me in the style of Andrew Phelps. This image is influenced by the body of work “34 Years in the Grand Canyon.” He was inspired by his father who created a thought provoking narrative through photographing the Grand Canyon.The project began with Phelps using a Kodak Instamatic 110, producing sepia coloured square prints. My photograph in the style of Phelps is influenced by the primary photo in this series. I adapted through using my 35mm camera and focused on responding to my initial experiences at Kielder water. I used photoshop as a way to replicate the colours and shape shown in the outcome of Phelps’ project. #photographersplaybook #phonar2018 #andrewphelps

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Step 4 : Complete the assignment.

Step 5 : Critical Analysis

Andrew Phelps assignment in the photographs playbook began with the handing out of an image from time within the last century. Due to the ambiguity, I was only given the name of the photographer. I received a black and white landscape photograph by Ansel Adams.

My response to the photo I received was to implement this classic analogue photograph  into a 21st century landscape. The move between rural to urban housing is an issue that is very relevant in the land surrounding my home. Planning permission for hundreds of houses was just passed on an large crop land in the centre of Galley Common. I wanted to approach the project with a post digitally mindset as this is how all Adams’ work was made. Bringing back analogue photography to a land that will soon be run by digital engineering shows the cultural changes that the town will soon be experiencing. Within my work I wanted to show subtle hints to show the changing of the landscape. As you look through the photograph you can begin to pick out signs of human trace and alterations in the countryside around the village. The photograph shows a big divide between the architecture, textures that may differentiate between the two and finally technology that is slowly being added to the rural land to soon create an urban landscape.

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