Pg. 313 Christine Shank and Adam Goss

Task 2.

One-hour photo project

Step 1: Choose an assignment from the making workshop.

Step 2: Analyse what the image could be about and how it could be developed into a body of work.

The mystery item I got in the bag was a couple of corrugated, metallic card, in a range of colours. I thought this could be developed into a body of work based around grain silos that are found on farms as to me that is what it looked like. I liked the diagonal reflection of the horizon of the card and this is something that I wanted to keep the same in the series.






Step 3: Develop it into a 5-8 image Body of Work


Step 4: Write a brief critical rationale

I wanted to expand this piece into a series of work as it was the one task from the group of tasks we received in the 2nd week that I found most difficult but at the same time the most fun. I had the idea after looking at the image again with a fresh pair of eyes to do a mocumentary style series of work about documenting the remaining silos in rural Cambridgeshire. When receiving feedback on the original piece my peers said they liked the piece overall and how the horizon was reflected on the card diagonally however one query that did arise from the feedback was why is the card and the background displayed as 50/50 in the piece. They said that it looks good but it may look better if more of the background itself was visible, that it would open up the piece more and give it more depth. I used my DSLR camera for the main series of the project up from my phone camera. This was not only to take higher quality images but also meant that i could use a tripod and a shutter button freeing up my hands to get the best placement of the card I could. This series of work that I have created is one that I could extend even further if I wanted to and create a larger series mocumenting the last remaining sylos in Cambridgeshire.


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