Pg.313 Christine Shank and Lauren May

Original Image:


Body of Work:


This body of work consists of seven images developed from an image made in the “One-Hour Photo Project” by Christine Shank. Reflecting on the original image, there were not only themes of interaction between the subject (the squirrel), and the photographer, but also the interaction between urban and natural scenes also played a part, as the grassy area stopped at a wall and fence. The main focus was to see how the squirrel reacted to the new object and people in its surroundings, and this is also the main focus behind the body of work. The mask does not reappear in any of the new images, as I wanted to continue with documenting how squirrels reacted to people and the city around their habitat, and how they have adapted in modern times. The squirrels in Coventry are much more inquisitive than those in other cities I have visited, and are very confident around people, a side-effect of living so close to a city center. These images show how they react to things such as structures, and people feeding them food they might not necessarily find in the wild. Most of the time the animals in cities go unnoticed or are avoided completely, and this body of work offers an insight into how urban structures have changed their behavior and habitat.

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