Pg 328. Mark Steinmetz and Christine Vidot

Task 5)

photograph somewhere you are very uncomfortable…

Step 1)

(I’m sorry you have to see the 2nd tweet twice. blame twitter :/)

Step 2)

My visual portrait is a mix between relaxing and turning the brain off, but still having the creativity to go out and capture.

Step 3)


I took some film photographs in the similar style of Mark Steinmetz. It was quite fun as I hadn’t done film photograph in a long time. The flashbacks of exposing light sensitive paper to light is still fresh in my mind.

I’ll also added an adaptation to step 3, in which I experimented with the developer in the darkroom. Who can leave a darkroom without doing some form of experimenting?? Not me thats for sure!

Step 4)

As the assignment was to photograph somewhere or something you as a photographer feel uncomfortable, I took it upon myself to raise to this challenge. I could have easily done macro photography of some bugs in my back garden as they freak me the hell out, but I didn’t as this module is about challenging me as a photography to break out of my shell.

I’m born and raised in West London, and i’ve always been told never go outside at night with expensive stuff unless you want to get robbed or die, and witnessing this to be true, I did just that. So the thought of going out at 2am with a pricey camera and other equpiment by myself makes me very uncomfortable. But I thought since this is Coventry and there is very little trouble on the streets at 2am when there’s no one around (expect for those lovely drunks), I took the chance to photograph mynormal route home. And at first I was very terrified, always looking over my shoulder, hiding my camera as soon as I heard noise, but after I got into it, it was enjoyable. Very weird being in a place that is normal filled with hundreds of people in the day, to like 5 at night. I mean I wouldn’t try this in London by myself, but with other people it is possible.

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