Pg.33 Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chagrin & Jack Matts

Task 1

Building Narratives from the Finding Workshop.

Step 1 : Further analyse the text you have received about your fictional photographer.

Step 2 : Artist Biography.

Adriana Westley is a photographer that was born in 69bc ancient Egypt. Westley is tall and beautiful, with fiery ginger hair that flows in the Egyptian breeze. Her interests lie in abstract fashion portraiture where she channels her inner outgoing nature. She works with props and Egyptian land to create abstract stylized imagery. She works in hot and dry terrain, telling stories of her home town in throughout her images. Westley loves using textures and material as a way of creating diptychs within her work. The diptychs are used as a way to display her love for photography and Egyptian culture through the exhibiting of her photographic outcomes. The Egyptian produce and manufacturing is something that Westley is particularly passionate about, she loves material and products that remind her of Mahdi. 35mm is the usual format that Westley works in, however medium format is also something that she has recently experimented with. The grain is fine and sharp throughout all these warm balanced photographs.


Step 3: Artist Portrait.


Step 4: Body of work as the fictional photographer.


Step 5: Critical Statement.

This body of work was influenced by Adriana Westley whose dual passion for her country and fashion portraiture heavily influenced the style of her work. A prominent feature within her work was the warm tones which are apparent in the humid and dry landscape of Egypt. I therefore focused my colour palate to the warmer end of the white balance scale, my outcomes were very yellow and warm. This was very appropriate as a comparison to the photography Westley may have taken back in ancient Egypt. The artist portrait is represented through using 2 iconic views that a resident is will see throughout their everyday life’s. One of the City of Cairo and the other of the famous great sphinx of Giza. The Sphinx appears to be looking over the busy, populated town. I focused on textures and macro shots that represented objects that I discovered after visiting Egypt this is apparent style is present within Westley’s work. Dry limestone represents the texture of pyramids, whilst the Nile and Egyptian cotton symbolise the diverse props Westley used in her projects.

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