Pg.336 Eva Sutton and Taylor Caterer

TASK 3: Eva Sutton – Synesthesia

Step 2: Portrait of ARTIST

From the bodies of work in which I have seen of Suttons, she seem’s to go in close in a scene and tries to capture the eye-catching sections. Almost archival images are produced which seem like they would be used in an Archive to reference later.

Eva Sutton is a Digital Media artist as well as a photographer; some of here works include installations and several bodies of work she has published; Some being in the Apertures gallery in San Fransico – Her work explores displacement with static images and interactive databases. Sutton Holds a BA in Architecture which she completed at the school of design, North Carolina State University.

Step 3: Complete the Task

Critical Rationale:

Within this task you get to immerse yourself in different formats and medias, and looking into the craze of interpreting and adapt as you have multiple steps that will help you explore. The main things that helped me in my work for this task was being able to freely photograph anything, I chose an image of flowers in which to complete this task in which I followed Suttons task ; Synesthesia.

For this task the steps were very easy to follow but became very confusing when having to change from one medium to another, creating a creative block for myself. But I chose to shorten the steps and create a more simple version to complete in which I wrote my own synopsis to go by, I chose to Take a photograph, Then add Time and Use a different medium/media; So my image manipulated then, placed in grid and posted onto instagram. Eva Sutton’s task was a struggle to overcome and understand as she is a digital artist and her work is more graphical image making. Going threw the various works she had created and I start to look into what a digital artist does I started to understand how her work was about.

The outcome I produced was a video, in which I chose as the final step. Taking inspiration from Suttons body of work ‘Dark Dream’ Where she was documented the life of the people in the village and include ‘Life’ as a Key part framing images with plants and other organic objects in the village; She percieved people in the eye of nature.

<p><a href=”″>EVA SUTTON</a> from <a href=”″>Taylor Caterer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>

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