Pg.341 Sara Terry and Tony Ellinas

Task 2

Step 1 – Tweet a synopsis

Step 2 – Visual Portrait of Author

Step 3 – Critical Analysis ( Instagram)

Step 4 – Complete the assignment

Body of work : Light Blue


Step 5 – Critical Analysis

The Light Blue is a body of worked based on the assignment of Sara Terry (Pg 341-342). There were no steps to follow for the assignment although it talks for an exercise which helps colour photographer to distinguish the colour in different locations and objects. When I first read the assignment I thought of taking pictures and choose a colour that stands out from the picture. I’ve chosen to work with light blue as it is a very interesting colour. I travelled from Limassol where I live to Nicosia (cities of Cyprus) and took photos of any light blue objects throughout my route.  I also thought of framing, ration and lines that would make my pictures more interesting. Some pictures are blurred because I was walking or in car. All the pictures took with a mobile camera as this was not pre planned.


Sara’s assignment is really interesting and helpful. It helps you engage with the colours in the photos and help the body of work have a sequence as the pictures have the same colour, in this occasion light blue. I’ve chosen a different way/type of photography as Sara did as it is a really different theme and way of taking photos. I used the assignment as a guide and created this body of work.


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