Pg 347 Charles Traub and Anna Tasker

Task 5 – The Don’ts

Synopsis of Assignment

Artist Portrait

My portrait is representative of Charles Traub since his work is often grounded in reality, bursting with colour, yet somehow sensual and melancholy. His portraits are often closely cropped, focusing on distinct parts of the body.

Image in the style of the Artist

For this image I closely mimicked Traub’s unique style from his series, ‘Beach’ 1974-77. Traub shot from a low angle, with heads and limbs often cut off by the edge of the frame. I also incorporated a soft black vignette which is very distinctive in Traub’s images in the series. The vignetting almost gives the impression of looking through a peephole at the subject.

The Assignment








Critical Rationale

When I initially received this assignment I felt restricted by the prohibitive nature of the ‘don’ts’, and was left wondering what I could actually include! After eliminating the ‘don’ts’ I was left with the notion of either focusing on either a landscape or an unusual object of interest. Having researched Traub’s work, I was particularly drawn by his use of closely cropped angles, and inspired by the intensity of colour in his collection of photographs from the 80s ‘Dolce Via’ (the sweet way). The task specified that the subject should not be overly artistic or pretentious, so I therefore decided to focus on a simple pleasure of my own – freshly made orange and carrot juice in the morning!

I wanted the audience to not only be excited by the vibrant colours in the final outcome, i.e the image of the appetizing drink, but to somehow experience the whole process of juice making through my images. My aim was to convey the textures, colours and sounds thereby encouraging the viewer to imagine its fresh taste and zingy fragrance. Following Traub’s comment about ‘just produce’, I did not want to overthink it so I literally shot frames of every stage in order to convey the production from beginning to end. I was aware of the instruction not to include friends or family but I felt that it was important to incorporate the shot of the juice being enjoyed in order to complete the process and emphasize the quality of the juice! The focus on the mouth also pays homage to Traub’s interest in unusual angles and closely cropped images of parts of the body.




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