Pg 364 Tim Walker and Anna Tasker

Task 3 – It’s All About Love

Synopsis of Assignment, and the result



I love waking up in my bedroom to see the first glimpse of the view from the window. On the wall, the morning sunlight beautifully reflects the window panes and the shadows linger across the ornaments and furniture.

Complete the Assignment again, in a new medium


Critical Rationale

I love morning time, waking up, opening the blind and letting the light stream in! I particularly like the way it plays with the mirrored photo frames, the items on my dressing table and the effect of the reflections and shadows. I then catch my first glimpse of the garden dappled by the early morning light. I often throw open the window in order to listen to the sounds of the outdoors. If it is very early and the chickens are asleep, it is very peaceful apart from the sound of birds tweeting and the occasional sounds from the farm animals. Once the chickens come tumbling out there is a cacophony of sound as they cluck and squabble to have their first peck at the dewy grass. Although I am pleased with the photograph and I feel it epitomizes what I am trying to convey to the viewer about my view, I was happy to translate my image into a video as I wanted to emphasize all the morning sounds that I love as well as the things that I can see. While the video starts with the view from my room, I decided to venture outside so as to give the viewer a more detailed glimpse of the sights and sounds beyond. Personally I prefer the image with its vivid blues and reflective light, but the video has the benefit of audio and allows for closer inspection of the outdoors e.g. the radiant yellow leaves blowing in the wind.

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