PG 364 – Tim Walker and Mariana Galvao

Task 3 – Tim Walker; It’s All About Love

Step 1 – Photography something you love:


Step 2 – Use a different medium – Writing; poem

Human Flower

You use to water my cup every day,

Morning and night,

We use too live by each-others side.

I’m left alone in polluted air,

The wind gushes through my petals,

And it makes me cry for my heaven affair.

When the sun decides to appear,

The rays shine as bright as the midnight fear,

You’re still no longer here.

I’m like a tulip,

Just in a different form,

We are treasured as gold, but why don’t you treat me as told.

My petals began to weaken,

And I am falling once again.

How difficult can it get?

Just try another simple step,

How can you already forget?

Mariana Galvao






Step 3 – Critical Rational

The reason for picking to communicate through poem is because words can hurt or make someone happy. I first photographed flowers, and noted how I felt. I then turned them into Flowers can have different significance, in tis case, the flower being I, as a person carrying the shadows of pain, but flowers also make me so happy. Poems can make people feel something and understand what they say is an important aspect.

This poem can have different meanings according to people who have different experiences. I used the concept of the flowers, and there various meanings you create by looking at flowers, transforming their concept into spoken felt words from emotions to a poem. Writing comes with photography, from analyzing to describing. This helped me also think about how I photograph nature in the future as well as thinking about lighting, and camera positioning.

The assignment has mainly helped me focus on how to use different elements of forming an image into different mediums. Repetition, imagery and rhyme are two of the main elements, and by repeating he process of focusing on flowers, I thought about words that rhymed. I connoted certain things together to link for example, expression with light, day, night, colours and lines in the poem that you would use to describe an image.


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