Pg. 364 Tim Walker and Rebecca Henderson

Task 3 – It’s All About Love

Step 1- Chose an assignment from the making workshop.



Original response



When tasked to photograph something you love I had to turn to nature. The serenity it can provide is invaluable to me. Because of this, when photographing it I wanted to show its distance from the chaos of humanity by using light to create the feeling of something almost otherworldly, allowing the feelings of removal from everyday life to become present within the image.


Step 2 – Complete the assignment again using a different medium.



Step 3 – Critical Rational


When translating my initial response to this task into a different media I chose video as I felt it would best allow me to continue to use light in order to create the feeling of removal from everyday society intended in the original image. I therefore filmed a short clip, allowing the auto focus on the camera to heighten this ‘otherworldly’ sensation by dragging your focus through what appears to be a never-ending abundance of unruly foliage, a scene rare within large human habitations. By slowing the video down I wanted to exaggerate this impression of endless overgrowth to further my intent. Translating the image from a still to video allowed me to utilize these techniques in a way that a still photograph could not. I did remove the sound from the video, choosing not to rely on any audio, as I did not want to interfere with the idea of serenity nature can bring. I feel, like with photography, a large aspect of the visual language in the video was lighting, however it became much more dynamic with the introduction of moving image, considering how the lighting will change as the video progresses. My abilities with moving image are not very strong and so the final product was not as effective as the original response, but it did allow me to think more about what makes up visual language and got me to think about how to break from the usual medium if it will better suit the concept.

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